Walrus_Dog, also known as Wally, Wallus, Shaelby, or Patty D, is one of the admins of the group. He came
along late in the Era of Unity, though he never really associated with Justin. He was one of the four to contest the throne of the Cool Bully Gang upon its creation, and as such is one of the original four admins.

Personality Edit

He makes a lot of funny noises and jokes. He can appreciate the memes, but not as much as TinyHippo. His favorite meme is that one about the meatball. As of late, He usually sits around playing World of Tanks and complaining about how bad everyone and everything is involving that game.

Notable Actions Edit

  • Is both a walrus and a dog.


  • One of the Four Apostles of the Bully.
  • Was banned by Justin for posting Harold.
  • Trapped the essence of a sheep inside of a tube.
  • Brushed his tayth

Relations Edit

He likes everyone for the most part. He's a huge traitor, choosing to go with the Feret clan instead of the Pupeh clan. Nevermind, he's actually physically incapable of staying in a clan for more than a day. What a fucker.