Vechema Edit

Vechema was the 2nd girl to ever enter the cool bully gang. She was significantly funnier and more attractive sounding than the first girl, Beckalyn, and, as a result, was more welcome in the group.

She first entered the group randomly while MickeyTheRat and Donogath were playing Guild Wars 2. No one knew who she was, and she was sort of just rambling. After viewing pictures of both of them, she said that if they had lived in Texas, she'd gladly have sex with them, despite Donogath only being 16 years old. After that, she generously provided a picture of herself, but, as she didn't feel comfortable sending a picture of her face over the internet, she sent a picture of her calves.

She's only entered the group a few times since then, but was equally promiscuous. Since the migration to Skype and then Teamspeak, she hasn't been heard from in a very long time.