Tyler Ortiz is a supporting member of the Cool Bully Gang, and a relatively recent one as well. Originally
introduced as a member of Daniel's Skype Fascists, Tyler and his brother Gregory came to meet the Cool Bully Gang by their connections to Walrus Dog. From there he slowly began to creep into the life and times of the Cool Bully Gang. Sometime after officially joining the Gang, he met his future boyfriend Kodec and began to mingle with other Cool Bully regulars more often.


Tyler really likes Doom, so that's the only game he plays.  The majority of his jokes are about social justice, Tumblr, and Dashcon, which gets pretty old pretty quick.  When combined with his brother Kodec or his boyfriend Gregory, they go full autismo, and when all three are together, the entire world goes to shit.

Notable ActionsEdit

  • Though he's in his 20s, he perpetually looks like a 13-year-old boy, making it easy to lure children into his rape dungeon.
  • Arm wrestled his grandpa real good once.
  • Grabbed his brother in the balls once, turning him gay in the process.
  • Came in his brother's sock.


He's the boyfriend of Kodec and the brother of Gregory. Did you know Chris is his older brother?  Though he can be annoying, everybody's pretty okay with him, and he's okay with pretty much everyone.