The Jews have been the common enemy of mankind since the dawn of time and The Jew Whisperer is no different. The Jew Whisperer was a main antagonist during the great expansion of the Cool Bully Gang. He, with majestic powers unknown was able to scare the Cool Bully Gang members into thinking that he was DDOSing them. In the end with Megapears pants wet and unclean, it was all a hoax, and the Jew Whisperer left without a look back.

First AppearanceEdit

The Jew Whisperer was seen first on Garrys Mod, where he made threats to the inferior members of the gang, such as the dirty Mexican Megapear. Admins had banned him, sending him off in a land unknown.

Rumors of ReturnEdit

Some say the Great Jew Whisperer may return to unleash havoc on the Cool Bully Gang, however it is not confirmed. Today, there is a Cool Bully Task Force dedicated to finding the Jew Whisperer and taking him out.