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MickeyTheRat is another key member in the Cool Bully Gang, being the butt end of everyones jokes. From the day he was born, Mickey was meant to be a loser, and has lost at most things in his life including school, social life, and video games. He was brought on in the beginning, and was also around during the great Justin dynasty.  He was one of the four original apostles that contested the throne of the Cool Bully Gang at the beginning of the group. MickeytheRat along with Kodec were the first to get banned from the NostalgiagamerJS group.


Although he seems friendly, his true characteristics are hidden. Mickey likes to laugh at retarded things and get mad often. If you ask for some of his Starbound gold and he doesn't want to give it up, you're in for a fighting match son.  Also, if you make fun of him during League, he's gonna fuck you up with his big muscles because all he does is work out and make out with his faggy internet gf, Keehos.

Notable ActionsEdit

Dropped out of school to get his GED. Also, he didn't give his ipod up during an exam because he is cool.

As one of the four original apostles, he was also one of the first original admins.  However, because of his massive amounts of admin abuse, his powers were stripped and given to Target as a replacement.

Completed the first Cool Bully Gang meet up Kodec.



Mickey really doesn't dislike anybody, although from time to time he can into a fight with many people. He likes to piss off Ketteh and Calvin, as well as sometimes the great lord Donogath.