Madison was found one day in a TTT server.  Donogath and Nick invited her into the group and immediately went all "omg girl on teh internet."  She's a massive weeb, just like nick, so Donogath and Nick called her their weeb waifu for a while.  She's black.


She started out as a nice girl who would act all disappointed at people when they were mean to each other with the goal of turning everyone in the group into upstanding members of society.  However, she was soon corrupted by the behavior of the others, and is pretty much a full Cool Bully now. She isn't even really in CBG anymore. Living the college life.

Notable ActionsEdit

  • The first girl in the Cool Bully gang to stay for more than like a week.
  • Has a really long Steam profile.


She's dating a memelord. She also really loves to mess with Cobra for some reason.  Julian really fucking hates her for absolutely no reason.