Koolshadow77 (also known as Noah) is another antagonist of the group. He is sneaky as well as clumsy, and has betrayed the great Cool Bully Gang more than once. Many look down upon him.

The BetrayalEdit

Koolshadow77 betrayed the group for an inferior group known as the "Brotherhood of FenCollin' whose leaders are not only Canadian, but Austrailian. There he had made friends with the more autistic side of the internet (Nagho) and is rarely seen in the Cool Bully Gang. When he is seen, he is attacked immediately, thanks to the special work of the CBG task force.

Relations with the Great JulianEdit

Because Koolshadow77 introduced Julian to the gang, the gang has been somewhat grateful for his offering. In the end, if he wishes to make peace with the Cool Bully Gang, he is to offer one more Canadian who can saw his desk in half without flinching.