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Ketteh is a main member, and historical monument of the Cool Bully Gang. First discovered in the Era of Unity, before the Cool Bully Gang was formed and before Justin Shute revealed his true self as the Dark Lord. At that time he was very interested in horses such as Rainbow Dash and DJ Pon3. Since then he has weakened his linkage with horse, and found a new life in actively supporting ultra republican ideals, by burning welfare centers and complaining about any poor neighbours that he noticed not paying their bills to feed their children. He strongly believes that men of the white race should reign supreme, causing great conflict between him and the Good Lord Donogath, who strives for human equality.


Ketteh is often seen as confrontational, and is the target of socialized ridicule very often. He believes very strongly in his ideals, and often as trouble letting people make jokes at the expense of them. He gets very upset when people make fun of Hitler or use rich people as the target of humour.

Notable ActionsEdit

Ketteh has done little to sway the balance of the universe.


During the Era of Unity, he was good friend with Justin Shute, and many other members of the NostalgiaGamerJS group. After the Great Rifting, he initially remained a Justinian Loyalist, but after a "falling out" came crawling back to the Cool Bully Gang for refuge, in exchange for sexual favours. He now is friends with several members of the Gang, but is hostile towards Gregory, Gigglebuttz, Sean, and dislikes many others.