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Justin the Elongated Skeleton Man

Justin Shute was an old friend of many members of the Cool Bully Gang, before the group was formed by the Good Lord Donogath. He was the leader of the NostalgiaGamerJS group, the home to most communication throughout the land back in the day.  According to most witnesses, he was originally a pretty cool guy[sic].  However, on one fateful day he was introduced to the world of miniature horses, and his life slowly devolved into worshipping the show and all the things that came with it, especially his special pony waifu, Twilight Sparkle. Not long after the Era of Unity, he revealed his true nature as The Dark Lord, and, along with his number one henchman, Ketteh the fallen, plunged the the Cool Bully Gang into a terrible war.


At first sight, Justin appears charismatic and attractive. His good looks and charm should not be allowed to fool you, however. Be warned of his true nature as The Dark Lord. He is known for his authoritarian leadership, severe narcissism.

Habits include: browsing during conversation to appear more smart, and reading the Wikipedia entry for psychology.

Notable ActionsEdit

Justin's first great action was founding the NostalgiaGamerJS group. Since then he has brought death to over 7 million jews, become a renowned artistcitation needed, and spawned like several a million different let's play channels in tandem(before deleting all of them).


Justin was at one time a self proclaimed hostile to any member or associate of the Cool Bully Gang, however the groups now share a tenuous peace.