I'myourtarget also known as "Target" "Large Targe in Charge" and "The Targe Man" is another key member in the Cool Bully Gang. He was also around during the great dynasty of Justin Shute, however when the Cool Bully Gang fought for independence and won he left off into the sunset as a lone ranger. Target returned, bigger

and stronger than ever, becoming the new admin in the Steam chat, and seeking justice to all those who mic spam. He weighs 1463 lbs, and is an avid watcher of anime. He is the absolute master of argument, being able to make nothing but perfect points every time he says something.
Absolute master of argument

Absolute Master of Argument


While normally considered somewhat laid back and docile, often coming into chats just to listen to people play games and snicker in the background, Target is very easily annoyed by spamming, loud noises, yelling, and other shitty jokes.  He doesn't like dealing with shit. As an actual aspie, he isn't very good at social interaction.

Notable ActionsEdit

Held a turtle once.

9/11'ed Walrus


Mostly okay with most people, except somewhat Tyler  and especially Gregory, who he finds annoying, and whoever he decides he hates at any given time for a few days.  Also not a fan of the Brotherhood or NostalgiaGamerJS factions.