Hoboo is a main antagonist of the Cool Bully Gang, pissing off many with his retarded logic. Kodec and Target found him on a TF2 server one day and laughed about such things as bombing Mecca.  They invited him into the group, which everyone quickly learned that this was a huge mistake. He was once favoured by many in the group, until one day he spammed everyone so hard with shitty jokes that not even Target the Protector himself could stop him. Hoboo has not been seen for a long time, as he was eventually banned for making the same shitty joke over and over again.


Hoboo tries to be quirky and funny, and fails horribly every single time. He likes to go on 4chan and watch badly animated movies like Foodfight.

Notable ActionsEdit

He's pissed off Donogath a couple of times.  He is one of the few people that has managed to be permanently banned from the Cool Bully Gang because he was so goddamn annoying.


Everyone hates Hoboo except Gigglebuttz, Burrito, Julian, and Mickey.