Autism Guy

The Good Lord Donogath

This is the history of the Cool Bully Gang. It has survived many trials, and eras, as detailed below

The Nostalgic Age Edit

A time shrouded in mist and wonder, when the NostalgiGamerJS group was still in its infancy long before the great equine divisioning.

It is a time many scholars and sages frequently harken back to and deliberate about: such as when Justin was apparently a cool guy.

The Era of Unity/ Great Depression Edit

The title of this age is disputed. However it is the time before the Cool Bully Gang was founded. During this era, Justin Shute ruled the land with his faction, Official NostalgiGamerJS Group. Many members of the Cool Bully gang resided in his reign, and were soon pushed to form the group we know today.

The BirtheningEdit

When the imp Harders spoke the words "What are you guys, some kind of Cool Bully Gang." Our four gods immediately began a contest to rule the group of that name. By testing their agility Walrus Dawg, Elision, Mickey the Rat, and Donogath would determine who was worthy to lead such a glorious faction. In the end Donogath won the contest, and has ruled supreme since.

The CalmEdit

Since then the Cool Bully Gang had been at rest, despite the constantly shifting relationship with NostalgiaGamerJS. Few members seriously joined or left for a time, and peace ruled the land. Basically they just played vidja or whatever.

The ExpansionEdit

A time when new members joined often and population growth spooled began soon enough. It started when the great Julian Trueman was introduced, to be the god of a new world and frontier; The Land of Greyhawk. With DM powers in hand, Julian was the true begining to the next era in the Cool bully gang's history. Soon after many new members joined, such as Gigglebuttz and BurritoX, the filthy Albertans, or Gregory and Tyler Ortiz, the Gay Brothers. Much of this expansion came when the Cool Bully Gang allowed itself to make ties with Walrus Dawg's skype friends.

The JourneyEdit

The Cool bully gang sick of Steam's poor communication quality and incessant down time sought more fertile grounds for conversation. Some of the CBG went for skype; Webcam parties were a plus and dial tone spamming brought joy for everone for a time, but depending upon who hosted a call meant those with poorer internet sank the call quality. Eventually the group grew weary with skype and again took to the road for greener pastures. Oovoo and Google Hangout were considered and quickly dismissed for a jest. Eventually the gang came across the lands of Teamspeak and settled there.