Harders was the main inspiration behind the Cool Bully Gang.  First seen coming into the NostalgiaGamerJS group complaining about Justin shipping himself with their shared pony waifu, Twilight Sparkle, Harders was an 11-year-old British kid with many self-esteem issues, making him very easy and fun to mess with by our heroes.  One night, in a night that would go down in history as "The Birthing," Harders asked our heroes if they were "some cool bully gang that liked to break each other`s shins and stuff."  This inspired our fearless and benevolent god, Lord Donogath to make a group in honor of this moment: the Cool Bully Gang we all know and love today.
  • Thinks the Cool Bully Gang is full of terrorists and murderers who are out to bomb him

=Harders=: I have a soundboard
Kodec: Those are fucking gay
=Harders=: How can a soundboard be gay? It's not even alive
=Harders=: and it doesn't like men


Though he had several self-esteem issues and was very easy to make fun of, Harders always kept coming back for more.  He was a very sad kid, and could be upset by pretty much anything.  He despairs at the growth of the Cool Bully Gang.

Notable ActionsEdit

  • Created the name of the group
  • Was part of a project called Mother Duck: The Video Game, which is unfortunately canceled.


Hates literally everyone.