The Art of Gregory

Gregory Ortiz (The Second Gay Brother) is a guest character in the Cool Bully Gang, showing up only the times he is not with his Girlfriend Thunderthighs. He adds a quirky sense of humor into the gang and is always yelling into the mic or telling a story about his homo erotic sequences.


Gregory can be quite funny, even though he is gay. Many people find him annoying. He is a very aggressive homosexual and will get mad at you if you're not willing to suck any dick.

Notable ActionsEdit

Has a girlfriend named Thunderthighs. His brother Tyler once cupped Gregory's ballsack as well. He also shat into a trash can while his brother watched and masturbated. The can was so full of dingelberries afterwards that not even Gregory wanted to use it anymore, so he moved out.

Gregory Ortiz is an accomplished artist, and has a detailed portfolio of his work on many Disney masterpieces such as "Treasure Planet". His original artwork, on the other hand, can be seen in many modern art museums today and are considered highly valued collectors pieces.


Is the brother of Tyler Ortiz. Ketteh really fucking hates him. Has a strained relationship with Calvin due to the Ferguson incident