Gigglebuttz (as known as DJ Addy P) is the gayest of the Cool Bully Gang. He lead the Cool Bully Gang to light when Justin shrouded the lands in darkness. In his free time he likes to masturbate, workout, and get lots of women. He is sworn guardian of the Cool Bully Gang and will not stop until justice is brought to the group. Some of his favorite games are Dinner Date.

  • He is also very heterosexual.
  • Very many of the above facts are false.


Gigglebuttz likes saying a lot of random shit and making a bunch of really weird noises when no one expects it.  He can actually be pretty funny sometimes, though when people are talking it can be a little annoying. He's a nice Canadian fella, though.

Notable ActionsEdit

He got in bed with another dude with no shirt once.  He also sent Kodec a bunch of pictures of his dick.


Gigglebuttz is a nice fella and he doesn't hate anybody.  The only thing he hates is Elysium.