Elision was one of the four apostles of the bully. Contesting for leadership of the Gang during the birthening. He is known for his [REDACTED] often in public places, and his great abs achieved through [REDACTED] and as such is envied by most mortals.

  • In the World of Greyhawk, he presents himself as members of House Froggington
  • Their severe tendency to [REDACTED] often causes trouble for the great Julian


Elision is loud, confrontational and often [REDACTED], though he is also shrouded in mystery. Until recently his face had never been shown anywhere on the tubes. Although [REDACTED], he is also loyal and determined to uphold promises, Quick to make friends with his trademark pick up line "Fuck off nigger". Often he is the only force driving the Gang to play vidi.

Notable ActionsEdit

Elision played a major roll in the great riftafication of the NGS when the jealous Justin banned him from the chat.

Elision attempted to create the Cool Bully Gang, along with the other the Apostles of the Bully. His status as officer has never been questioned, except [REDACTED].

Elision has also claimed to have hit his ceiling with his cum.(During a skype call he showed the stain but sadly no pictures exist.)