Autism Guy
Donogath, also known as Our Lord And Savior, The Great And Powerful Donogath, also known as Dr. Caesar's Palace, M.D., Mercenary Extraordinare Esquire III Drinking Champion (Truemane), Professional Musician, #1 Musician of the Truemane Tribe (Loved by all),Esteemed Inventor of the Soundbow, Conqueror of Time, Dragonslayer Extraordinare,Succesful Satanic Diplomat,Supreme Leader, Ghost Of Christmas Past, was among the very first to meet Justin, the ruler of the NostalgiaGamerJS faction.  He made a very long and successful Terraria let's play with Justin, among other things.  Unfortunately, because of the influence of the corrupt Theso, Justin soon became corrupted by the Ponies.  Taking inspiration from the apostle Harders, Donogath quickly took himself and his remaining kin to a new group, the group we know and love today: the Cool Bully Gang.  As he left, Donogath said the one thing that could have truly hurt Justin, the one remark that truly shook the very Earth as it was said:

"I'm not sure if the IQ of this group rose when we left or when you came back."

With this, Donogath left the group forever.

Donogath's prized gaiaonline profile


Donogath is a witty fellow, often saying funny words, though often these words are pretty rude.  He's pretty good at debates.

Notable ActionsEdit

Lord Donogath was the quickest to take up the throne of the Cool Bully Gang, making him our lord and savior for all eternity.

Has the largest weenie known to man.

Known to believe that TinyHippo looks like a man that won the DOTA 2 internationals.

Alleged to have fought off 15 police officers while high on meth and masturbating.

Violently offended his hair when he was 13. Since then, it has been slowly packing it's things and moving to the back of Donogath's head where it can no longer hear the insults.


He hates all the other factions, and he treats all his loyal followers fairly as equals, though he is a lot more equal than everyone else.