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Christian Martin (also known as the weed smoker) is a FUCKING CUNT in the Cool Bully Gang, when he is usually not smoking pot or DESTROYING DREAMS. He is good friends with Walrus HITLER, and was found in the group by him. He likes to watch LITTLE PUPPIES DIE, as well as listen to his favourite artist Snoop Dogg.

Personality Edit

Christian can be a funny character, although its always good to just have him around to laugh at retarded jokes. Why he is easily amused? He is a strong pot and marijuana enthusiast, and will stop at nothing until it is legalized. He seems friendly, but will get very angry if you bring up his marijuana problem and habit.  He also gets super mad at you if you don't play World of Tanks at max quality.

Notable Actions Edit

Smoked Pot once over skype. Also, once watched Godzilla while high.

Had sex with his girlfriend over 300 times in one day.



Relations Edit

He is a original member of Walrus Dawgs group. He is pretty much okay with everyone, except Tyler Ortiz and Gigglebuttz, who he finds annoying, and Target, who plays World of Tanks on a PS2.