BuritoX (also known as Sean the Downie or Dr. Autismo) is a recurring guest in the Cool Bully Gang, only showing up to play League of Legends. He is known for his hot temper and his autistic looking face. In 2013 he was brought on through the great lord and savior Gigglebuttz, who showed him the ropes of the Cool Bully lifestyle and trained him into what he is today. During 2014, Sean acquired a girlfriend, making him even more cooler than most of the retards in the chat. He is rarely heard from anymore.

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Burrito can be pretty funny thanks to his voice, accent, and severe lack of chromosomes.  He often enjoys being antagonistic for absolutely no reason, especially when Ketteh is involved.  He gets upset when people don't close the fackin door.

Notable ActionsEdit

Burrito is the only one to have a dedicated video in "The Call."


He and Ketteh really fucking hate each other.