Amanda, also known as Amanda Bynes, is the IRL best friend of Madison. She was introduced when she engaged in a Tinychat party once with some of the members of CBG. She is very hostile towards the members of the Cool Bully Gang. Because she is not an actual member of CBG, she is only heard from when she hangs out with Madison.


Personality Edit

Amanda is a huge bitch. She dislikes everyone in the Cool Bully Gang, often calling them losers, autists, and neckbeards. Madison believes that she is very nice but only acts out towards people that she thinks are inferior. She also is a massive pervert and constantly makes sexual jokes. Because of her hostility, some of the members have come to dislike Amanda.

Notable Actions Edit

  • She has dissed almost every important member of the Cool Bully Gang.

Relations Edit

Amanda hangs out with Madison from time to time, but mostly spends her time with her boyfriend, Jeremy. She sometimes talks to Megapear and often calls him a homo. She also hates Kodec and Julian because she believes that they are "bag worthy" and should never show their faces to society. Kamanda is also Amanda's cousin.